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Kenya: Lamu Archipelago

There’s a tangible sense of the past in Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago, as if time has ceased to exist, which makes the islands uniquely memorable and appealing for niche leisure tourism.

At first glance Lamu Island appears to be an idyllic island of tranquillity but beneath the surface lies a fascinating Smörgåsbord of history, culture, biodiversity and unique Swahili heritage.

So beguiling is Lamu that it sparks a creative chord with artists, like Christian Rock artist Michael W. Smith’s song of the same name released in 1986 (in his album ‘Pursuit of the Dream’)…

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Seychelles: Art and Pirates

The Seychelles is renown as a ‘melting pot of cultures’ and the centre of ‘Creolity’, but there’s also a rich tapestry of artistic creativity scattered about this Indian Ocean paradise that attracts an eclectic mix of artists and sculptors, one of whom can best be described as bohemian.

In modern usage, the term ‘Bohemian’ is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The word ‘Rhapsody’ is derived from the Greek rhapsõdos, a reciter of epic poetry, and refers to any extravagant expression of sentiment or feeling.

These two words sprang to mind when meeting Italian born sculptor…

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Composite image of Diani Beach, Kenya with location globe

Kenya: Diani Beach

Kenya is renown as a Big 5 safari destination but not many are aware of its Marine 5, which abound along the country’s 1420 km coastline. Here, some truly unique hidden gems await international tourists. Diani Beach is a prime example of one of these gems.

The Marine 5, of course, refers to the oceans Big 5; whales, giant manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, and tiger sharks — all of which abound along the East Coast of Africa.

Diani is located 18 Miles (30 km) south of Mombasa, in Kwale County, which is named after its capital, although Ukunda is the largest town.

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