Amazing Festivals in Africa

A selection of amazing music and cultural festivals in Africa that should be in every tourists travel bucket list of unique experiences. This list includes; Dithubaruba  – Botswana, Timkat – Ethiopia, Chizangala – Malawi, Madajazzcar – Madagascar, Mawazine Rythmes Du Monde – Morocco, Umojafest – Mozambique, SAKIFO Music Festival – Reunion, Carnaval International de Victoria – Seychelles, Oppikoppi – South Africa, Marula Festival – Swaziland, Sauti za Busara – Tanzania, Bayimba – Uganda, and Bayimba – Zimbabwe.

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How to Become a Tourist Guide

In this article, I investigate how to become a tourist guide in South Africa, what makes a good tourist guide, and how and where they find work. An overview on Classifications, Qualifications, Training and Assessors, the Registration Process, Code of Ethics, and a list of Provincial Registrars’ Contact Details is included.

Note: some details in this article are outdated but there are links to resources on the page.

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Accessible Tourism Etiquette

How does one communicate with people with disabilities? What language should one use to write or talk about people with disabilities? What is the etiquette when meeting a blind person or a wheelchair user? How much can one expect of a person with a disability, and what help should be given or offered? To provide answers to these questions, the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) has an informative booklet aptly titled ‘Myths, Manners, Do’s & Don’ts of Disability’.

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Slow Release Adrenalin Zip Lines

If you’re looking for a fun adventure activity for the whole family – from nippers to fossils – then the Lake Eland Zip Lines is the place be. Located within Lake Eland Game Reserve, the zip lines cover 4.5 km over eighteen platform stages straddling the magnificent Oribi Gorge, which plummets 300 metres below! The tour takes between 2 – 3 hours (depending on the size of your group) and is suitable for all ages with tandem slides for young or aged adrenalin junkies available on request. For novices, the staged structure is ideal as the zip lines between the first six stage platforms are short, slow and closer to the ground, allowing time to get used to the gloved technique of holding onto the suspension straps and slowing-down on approach to the next platform.

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Best Beach Horse Ride on KZN South Coast

Owner operated by Mark and Megan Brand, Selsdon Park Estate is a working sugar cane farm located between Trafalgar and Marina Beach near Margate, and has sixteen horses ranging from ponies for kids to eight draft horses for hefty riders. I’m not a hefty rider but I am tall, which is probably why I was allocated a giant horse. When it comes to transport I prefer my ride to not have a mind of its own or a motion that causes your butt to be rubbed raw in the saddle – next time I’ll wear cycling shorts for padding, and some butt cream! But the post-ride discomfort is certainly worth the elevated viewing advantage afforded by horse riding through suburbia, along bush trails and on open stretches of golden beach with waves lapping over the horses hooves.

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Fun Boat Rides with C-Freaks

C-Freaks Tours & Sightseeing operates from Margate and launches from Shelley Beach for the ultimate experience in fun boat rides, shark cage diving and scuba diving. The ‘Fun Boat Ride’ is aptly named, as the experienced skipper opens the twin 85hp outboard motors full-throttle to jump back-line swells and ramp the boats wake while performing ‘doughnuts’. The action is preceded with a sedate cruise along the coastline accompanied with humorous commentary and anecdotes on landmarks from the tour guide. Stop-offs along the KZN Shark Board’s baited buoys and shark nets add interest to the tour, while a brief interlude allows passengers to enjoy a deep-water swim among the warm Indian Ocean swells.

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