Travelogue: New Ford Kuga

True to form, attention to detail – a hallmark that has become synonymous with the Ford Motor Company over its 114-year history – was applied to this travelogue itinerary. This attribute became starkly evident as our group of journalists, bloggers and photographers arrived at East London airport to begin a 3-day journey driving the new Kuga. Our journey began in the Eastern Cape, proceeded through the Free State, and ended in Gauteng.

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Vehicle Review: Ford Mustang GT

There is nothing that sounds quite like the grunt of Mustang’s 5.0L V8. Although the models have changed over the years that sound has remained a hallmark. It’s probably not as loud as it’s predecessors but Ford has ensured that the new 2015 Mustang remains the icon it has been for more than 50 years. The new factory made right hand drive is a welcome sight for the South African market and in my opinion is priced to do well. The fact that Ford’s order book is already full …

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Ford Everest Road Test Cape Town

The much anticipated all new Ford Everest has arrived and impressively so. The seven seater 4×4 SUV comes with a host of new features making it class-leading and a huge leap forward from the previous model launched locally in mid 2010. The launch took place in the beautiful winelands of the Western Cape. The long and winding roads through the escarpment were ideal for road testing. The comfort and road handling proved.…

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Isuzu X-RIDER 4×4 Double Cab

If you’re looking for a mid-range budget 4×4 double cab bakkie with rugged looks and top-class overland accessory options straight off the dealers floor, look no further than Isuzu’s X-RIDER. First introduced in 2016, also as a limited edition, the X-RIDER Double Cab proved so popular that it is now a permanent part of Isuzu’s bakkie fleet. Your budget may be mid-range, but the look of your ride can be decidedly top-class.

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Review: Isuzu KB 300 LX Double Cab

Compared to my old 2007 KB 250, Isuzu has come a long way with their 2017 double cab range. But then, this review is about Isuzu’s top of the range KB 300 D-TEQ LX 4×4 Auto, which is hardly comparable. To experience its 4×4 prowess, I took a drive through Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve in Port Elizabeth. Descending into the ‘Joubert’s Werf’ section of the 4×4 trail, Isuzu’s ‘Hill Descent Control‘ feature applies brakes to each wheel automatically while ‘Hill Start Assist’ prevents the vehicle…

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Off-Road Test: Isuzu
D-MAX 3.0 LX 4X4

When it comes to off-road power and capability, Isuzu’s two-door D-MAX Extended Cab 4×4 bakkie certainly delivers. Tourism Tattler put an Isuzu B-Max through its paces along the KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trail Park in KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast. This newly launched multi-trail park is perfect for 4×4 aficionados as the venue provides awesome views over the KwaNzimakwe tribal community homesteads that stretch…

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Unveiling the Mercedes-Benz SUV Range

The compact car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) family from Mercedes-Benz now consists of eight models globally that cover all bases: three wheelbase lengths, front and all-wheel drive, as well as petrol and diesel models.
I attended the Mercedes-Benz South Africa SUV range media launch at the AMG Driving Academy, Zwartkops Raceway on Wednesday 04 November. The vehicle lineup included the; GLA, GLB, AMG GLC63 Coupé, GLE 400d Coupé, G 400d, and GLS.
We were given  …

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Road-tripping the New Mercedes-Benz 400d SUV

Driving two routes from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and back to Cape Town in comfort and style. What a pleasure! After five months of forced Covid-19 lock-down isolation, being afforded the opportunity to test drive the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE 400d 4MATIC for a week in August was made all the more pleasurable by my new-found freedom. Well, almost new-found freedom. At the time, South Africas’ government had just confirmed that domestic travel for leisure purposes would be allowed as from 18 August. …

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Celebrates 41 Years

Following my previous article ‘Unveiling the Mercedes-Benz SUV Range’, the G-Class deserves special mention.

To mark its 40th anniversary in 2019, Mercedes-Benz had unveiled a range of highlights for G-Class fans, starting with the special STRONGER THAN TIME model — including the exclusive G 400 d, J40 Edition offering the most powerful expansion stage of the efficient inline six-cylinder diesel engine yet. …

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